About Us

GF Trading LLC is a hedge fund operated by parent company Renaissance Technologies LLC and
has approximately $18 billion in assets. The current minimum investment for Gf Trading LLC is
$1000 with the management having ownership on 13 percent of the fund. GF Trading LLC is one of
the larger private funds with a total of 18 billion in assets.

GF Trading LLC Details

Subadviser: No
Other Investment Advisers: No
Solicited: No
Rely on Reg D Exemption: Yes
Audited: Yes
Master Fund: Yes
Feeder Fund: No
Beneficial Owners: 526
Management Ownership: 13%
Fund of Fund Ownership: 0%
Non-US Ownership: 35%
Auditor(s): PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Broker-Dealer(s): Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
Custodian(s): Citibank, N.A.
Administrator(s): The Bank Of New York Mellon

GFTrading LLC Graphs & Charts

Total AUM: USD 18 Billion Rank: 40 out of 30967 registered private funds

Minimum Investment: USD 1000 Rank: 25001 out of 30967 registered private funds

Management Ownership: 13% Rank: 7508 out of 30967 registered private funds

Company Insights & Direction

A clear investment direction is critical to setting the choice of technology use in trade execution, which is critical to achieving profit-centric goals in trading operations. Market volatility is primarily based on demand and supply of specific investment vehicles over a specific time frame. According to the Law of Attraction, buyers will attract more buyers and then increase demand and drive the market higher. This concept also applies to the plunge in the market. When there are more sellers on the market, it will attract more sellers to sell, leading to a downward trend in the market.

What caused the first demand and supply? The start of the volatility must come from a fundamental factor that pushes the start up or down. Therefore, fundamental analysis plays a very important role in the overall industry setup. Fundamental analysis includes; data analysis, report analysis, and news analysis. Although this analysis is a key market driver, most experts have difficulty identifying specific foundations that can drive the starting range in volatility. This creates uncertainty about the duration and momentum of a particular wave direction, thus reducing the accuracy of a particular transaction.

To overcome this problem, Renaissance has introduced a unique trading strategy that focuses on high-impact fundamentals. Trading, which drives market sentiment towards a single direction. The revival is a crisis transaction, which is a huge key to a specific event. Break point. Through this type of trading, we can more confidently measure the market sentiment and the explosiveness of specific fluctuations, so that we can produce higher profits.

Once the crisis is identified, the most appropriate entry point for complex and complete technical analysis will be used to identify the best entry point to ensure the best risk-reward rate to mitigate the risks involved in the entire transaction, including time and risk. The longer the trading time, the more likely it is that it will affect the external factors of market sentiment.

This combination of processes clarifies the fundamentals of high impact and uses sophisticated technical analysis to identify the best entry point, called the Medallion Blackbox Trading. The purpose of the M.B.T. trading policy is to increase the accuracy of the transaction to the next higher level, resulting in maximum profit while minimizing risk. Since the full operation and development in 2018, our transaction has achieved many successes and will achieve higher goals through our precision trading in the coming future.

Board of Directors


• Founder and Chairman
• One of the key Fund Managers in Renaissance Technology
• Part of the team responsible in the renowned Medallion Fund


• Chief Executive Officer


• Director (Global Markets)
• Key figure behind the development of the Trading Engine
• Highly experienced in the fields of Programming, Enterprise Software, Artificial Intelligence and IoT systems
• Senior software engineer at SAP SE
• Senior Back-end Developer at Advanced Intelligent Systems


• Chief Technology Officer
• Carried out extensive research work in the fields of Cloud Computing and trading software algorithms